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“Rather than trying to shelter our children from life’s inevitable difficulties, we can help them integrate those experiences into their understanding of the world and learn from them. How our kids make sense of their young lives is not only about what happens to them but also about how their parents, teachers, and other caregivers respond.” 
― Daniel J. Siegel

I am a consultant and school mindfulness mentor at secondary schools in state and independent sectors.

I engage with all sections of the school community: staff, children and parents, always upholding the principle of encouragement to shift from reactivity to reflection.

I offer workshops for staff to explore the realm of the relationship as an additional sphere of their influence to shape the development of the children they teach.  It is known that students learn best when in the context of a good relationship with a teacher.  A teacher’s capacity to be emotionally attuned and aware of how they can help a child grow their reflective capacity has immense implications for learning. 

I offer workshops for parents to explore the huge influence they can have over helping their children attain calmness, and hence reach greater capacity to cope with the challenges of life.  The wonderful thing is that in the process, parents can calm themselves too and feel more grounded in being the parent they want to be. 

I work with families that are referred to me by schools when the acting out of the child that takes place in school is thought to be linked to tensions in the family.


Mandy made a significant difference to the wellbeing of the students at our school. She encouraged students to have faith in themselves: to become confident, assured and ambitious for their future, life skills that will have a positive impact on them well beyond their time at our school.”

SH, Headteacher